NOTE: All programs offer 60 day money back guarantee, none of these programs will work well on dial-up connection.

1.  IsoftwareTv $34.95 one time fee

IsoftwareTV was the third program i tried when searching for a sat tv on pc program. The first two were not very good and i was giving up hope when i finally found IsoftwareTV after a friend recommended it. I am very grateful that they did, as I was very happy to find that i was able to watch live sports from around the world using this program. I was also able to watch HBO boxing, WWE and UFC PPVs using IsoftwareTV, meaning the software paid for itself twice over by watching these PPVs. This program also includes a wide selection of movie channels, cable tv and the quality is excellent. IsoftwareTV also has a very good support team and will respond quickly to emails. This is the program i recommend above all others.

Pros: Great selection of sports, entertainment and Movie Channels, Good support, Low Price. Over 4500 channels.

Cons: Some unneeded foreign channels(unless your from that country then this wouldnt be a con)

Visit Official site to buy IsoftwareTV

Overall Rating:

2.  DishTVforPC $39.95 one time fee

This is one of the newest Programs that has appeared on the internet recently.  DishTVforPC is more catered to people who are looking to watch full TV show episodes rather than watching live cable TV channels. The list of channels they have live shows from is endless but just to name a few, Fox, NBC,Showtime, HBO, Comedy central etc,They do also have a good number of live cable channels. They also have a huge selection of movie titles to choose from and offer excellent quality. The software also offers radio channels and games which is something that isn’t offered by the other software out there.

Pros: Great for watching full episodes and series from tv shows, great movie selection. Over 15,000 full episodes and 6,000 channels.

Cons: Didnt find as much live sports.

Visit Official site to buy DishTVforPC

Overall Rating:(2010 update: downgrade to 3stars- has become less reliable lately. I would go with isoft  myself personally as it is still excellent.)

3.  SatelliteTV for PC ELITE Edition $49.95 one time fee

This program sells for $49.95 and features 3000 channels. The download link was instantly received after payment and the software easily installed. Alot of the 3000 are from foreign countries and i had no interest in watching them. I found a good selection of movie channels and also cable tv channels including discovery, MTV and TLC.  For the most part the quality was good however i did notice that some of the channels had buffering problems. I sent a random email to test the customer support and received a relatively quick and knowledgeable reply(although i asked a very basic question).

Pros : Good selection of channels, good support.

Cons: Some channels did not seem to perform well, slightly more expensive than other programs.

Visit official site to buy SatelliteTvonPc ELITE

Overall Rating :

4.  SatelliteTV for PC TITANIUM Edition $99.95 one time fee

This is the exact same software as the ELITE edition but the TITANIUM version offers 4000+ channels. See above for a review of this software. TITANIUM edition ranks lower as i don’t feel it is worth paying double the money for the extra 1000 channels.

Visit Official site to buy SatelliteTvonPc TITANIUM

Overall Rating:

5.  OnlineTvPc $34.95 one time fee

The layout of the software on OnlineTvPc is not as pleasing as the other programs i tested. I also had alot of problems with channels being choppy and the quality was pretty bad at times. I am not sure if this was normal or not, as i didn’t stay on this software too long but the times i used it i had some problems. OnlineTvPc didn’t have as many well known US cable or movie channels as other programs. Considering this software is the same price as others i would not recommend it. It isn’t terrible but you just don’t get the same quality for the same price.

Pros: Still has plenty of channels.

Cons: Channels perform poorly, appear choppy, not as good selection

Visit Official site to buy OnlineTvPc

Overall Rating:

6.  Top Internet Live Tv $34.95 one time fee

This program basically just performs very poorly. Awful channels, awful quality, just a bunch of pre-recorded clips from what i could find. I wouldn’t buy this unless they dropped the price to $5. It gets one star on my rating system as i don’t have a blank star image:) but please don’t bother with this program or you will probably end up on a blog warning others not to buy this product. Yes this is the program that inspired this blog:).

Visit Official site to buy Top Internet Live TV

Overall Rating:

That’s it for now guys. I will continue to review any other programs i come across. Please feel free to ask specific questions if you have them or submit your own experiences with any of the programs above.




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This is a question you will see asked over and over on forums throughout the internet. Most of the time the replies will be a mixture of people who claim to have had good experiences and others who claim the products are a complete scam and to stay away from them.

This makes it very difficult for the average person to try and decide if they should try a Sat Tv on Pc product or not.  Speaking from my own experience, i can tell you that NO satellite tv on pc programs are not a SCAM. The problem is that some of these programs perform very poorly and pretty junky(cant wait to expose those ones so you stay away from them) But there are some decent programs out there so people should not be put off and yes it is possible to get free movies, UFC, Boxing or WWE ppvs on these programs.By coming here you are obviously doing the research needed to find out what works and what doesnt.

So far i have used and written up reviews of 6 of the more popular sat tv to pc programs available on the web and i hope to get those reviews typed and posted up here over the next couple of days.

Stay tuned(crappy tv joke)



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First of all thanks to everyone for taking the time to come visit my site. As you can see from the title i will use this site to test and review all of the available sat tv on pc type programs out there. If you are here you probably already know about these but if you don’t, it is basically software that allows you to watch satellite tv on your computer.

The reason why i want to start this blog is because i have previously purchased three different types of these programs. Unfortunately the first two were junk and i wish i could have found some good reviews of these programs back then to save me the hassle of trying to decide which program to buy. I hope to help others in deciding and will test as many of the programs as i come across on the internet.

Thanks again and welcome. Feel free to leave your own feedback if you have used any of the programs i review.



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